February 2017

January 2017

Overpopulation and a Willful Blindness


Technological advancements move us to increasingly comfortable and luxurious lifestyles with no upper limit, and measures of poverty – as opposed to poverty itself – move upwards accordingly.

A person classed as “living in poverty” in the western world lives a luxurious life relative to those in the poorest countries. But because poor people in the west are classed as living in poverty when they really are not, there is a relentless push upwards on standards of living and consumption where there is no need.

Of course, those who publicly highlight the plight of the poor in the UK and demand that more taxpayers money is spent on poverty are themselves most likely living very comfortable lives as middle-class citizens. They preach words of false compassion to wash away their own guilt. You only have to watch a Hollywood film awards bash and the A-list actors spewing out meretricious crap to see the hypocrisy, and get the message that most Leftist Wealthies will take any opportunity to whitewash their own money-laden guilt.

But who are these morons preaching to? They certainly wouldn’t be preaching to themselves. They don’t need an award ceremony to do that!

No, they’re preaching to the people who watch their films – their customers. Poor people! The idiots who watch those award ceremonies out of interest. People who dream of Hollywood fame, of the riches only A-listers can attract. The glamour! The Beverly Hills mansion with swimming pool. The pink Hummer.

So what has this got to do with over-population?

Simple – the richest people in the world will not sacrifice their lifestyles for the sake of the poor. Instead they demand that the lifestyles of the poor are improved. How that is done, they have no idea. But they shout about it.

A “race to the top” is as destructive as a “race to the bottom”. As long as we have ridiculous definitions regarding poverty in the developed world based on the average wage, the push towards greater levels of consumption will not cease.